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Re: pkg/40198 (www/amaya compile errors (modular xorg, NetBSD 4.0) .. again)

The following reply was made to PR pkg/40198; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Robert Elz <kre%munnari.OZ.AU@localhost>
Subject: Re: pkg/40198 (www/amaya compile errors (modular xorg, NetBSD 4.0) .. 
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2011 16:55:32 +0700

 OK, believe it or not, I have actually ended up with a binary
 package of amaya-11.3.1 ... so we have some success.
 The bogus -I (-I /usr/include/krb5) comes from /usr/bin/krb5-config --cflags
 (there will be a non-pkgsrc PR about that nonsense very soon).
 krb5-config is being run at all because amaya depends upon redland, and
 redland depends upon raptor, and raptor depends upon curl, and (for whatever
 reason) curl can be compiled to know about kerberos, and if it is, it
 brings along with it the kerberos buildlink machinery, which ends up
 running krb5-config to get (amongst other stuff) the CFLAGS that pkgsrc
 users (there'll be a pkgsrc PR about this nonsense soon soo ...)
 Since I have no use for kerberos, and don't even know anyone who does
 any more, I thought the simple way around this problem, would simply be
 to remove it, so I rebuilt curl with -gssapi in its PKG_OPTIONS (I actually
 added -gssapi to PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS as I really never need that stuff)
 and with just that one change (and the amaya package as dholland has
 fixed it recently) it ends up building for me.
 I expect I will have other fallout later from the change to the build options,
 given that I haven't rebuilt anything else, but as I almost never use my
 NetBSD 4 binary packages any more, I' now just building them to verify that
 they continue to build, I don't eeally care all that much.   I actually doubt
 that it is sane for pkgsrc to default to having kerberos enabled - almost
 no-one really needs it, and those who do, know they need it and can easily
 enable it, whereas for those who have no idea what kerberos is, and don't
 really know if they need it or not, find it much more difficult to simply
 decide to override the defaut option.
 Anyway, for now, this PR can close, thanks to dholland particularly for
 fixing all the hard stuff...

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