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Re: pkg/45256: lang/gcc46 not working properly on Solaris

   # Determine whether to use binutils
  +.if ${OPSYS} == "SunOS"
  +CONFIGURE_ARGS+=     --without-gnu-ld --with-ld=/usr/bin/ld
  +. if !exists(/usr/bin/gas)
  +CONFIGURE_ARGS+=     --without-gnu-as --with-as=/usr/bin/as
  +. else
  +CONFIGURE_ARGS+=     --with-gnu-as --with-as=/usr/bin/gas

On Solaris 10 and earlier, ld is found in /usr/ccs/bin/ld. /usr/bin/ld is maybe present on Solaris 11 or some of the OpenSolaris heirs. The same goes for GNU software. Up until Solaris 10, this maybe present in /usr/sfw/bin/, but not in /usr/bin/.

And I tried both versions: Using Solaris' ld, and keeping binutils as dependency. The latter made problems nearly immediately, the first one had problems handling "hidden attributes". I'll do extensive tests again and post my results. BTW: lang/gcc34 doesn't work either at the moment, so I am out of a working bootstrap process.

 Jörn Clausen                    
 Universität Bielefeld

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