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Re: pkg/45248 (net/samba35 build fails on i386-5.99.55 (201108122100Z))

<> wrote:

> manu@ committed a half-baked *at() implementation that samba is now trying
> to compile against.

I see: I guarded the new functions by #ifdef to make sure they would not
be visible to programs unaware it was not finished, but I did not though
about GNU configure's way of discovering things that are not defined in
the headers.

There are multiple fixes possible:

1) GNU libc defines macros to spot unimplemented functions, and GNU
configure uses that feature to spare them. We can quickly workaround
Samba build failure by adding in pkgsrc/net/samba35/Makefile
CFLAGS+=        -D__stub_utimensat
This is should work arround the build problem immediatly. Can you let me
know if it does?

2) #define __stub_utimensat in <limits.h> to obtain the same effect

3) Samba does not use the file descriptor argument of utimensat(),
therefore we can quickly implement enough of it for Samba to use it in
-current, it does not depend on namei upgrade. This is just a utime able
to return struct timespec.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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