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Re: pkg/45046: mk/* minix support

The following reply was made to PR pkg/45046; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Thomas Cort <>
Subject: Re: pkg/45046: mk/* minix support
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2011 11:08:31 -0400

 >>  diff --git a/mk/ b/mk/
 >>  -.  if defined(USE_X11) && (${X11_TYPE} == "native") && !exists(${X11BASE})
 >>  +.  if defined(USE_X11) && (${X11_TYPE} == "native") && 
 >> !exists(${X11BASE}) && (${OPSYS} != "Minix")
 > Why do you need this? It sounds wrong to remove this check as it
 > basically just indicates that your X11BASE setting is wrong (or the
 > X11_TYPE).
 It is a workaround while we port modular Xorg. pkgsrc expects you to either
 use the modular xserver or a native x11 and specify x11base. Modular xserver
 does not build on Minix, and we do not want the user to install the xserver
 separately (i.e we want xserver to be installed as a normal package). So we
 have our own x11 package in our copy of the pkgsrc tree. We add the minix 
 x11 package as a dependency to packages that use x11. We set X11_TYPE
 to native, so that pkgsrc does not trigger building modular-xorg-xserver.
 However X11BASE will not exist when that file is sourced, hence the check.
 The right solution would probably be to create a new X11_TYPE and use it,
 but considering we will be moving to modular-xorg-xserver, we just use this
 >>  +.if ${OPSYS} == "Minix"
 >>  +_SHORT_UNAME_R=        ${:!${UNAME} -r!:} # full uname -r output
 >>  +.else
 >>   _SHORT_UNAME_R=   ${:!${UNAME} -r!:C@\.([0-9]*)[_.-].*@.\1@} # 
 >> n.n[_.]anything => n.n
 >>  +.endif
 > This is only used by BINPKG_SITES and that doesn't provide a value for
 > !NetBSD && !DragonFly. If your own definition wants to use the full
 > uname -r output, just adjust it accordingly.
 I've reverted the change above and set BINPKG_SITES to this:$$(${UNAME} -r)/$${arch}
 An updated patch is included that the end of this e-mail.
 >>  diff --git a/mk/buildlink3/imake-check b/mk/buildlink3/imake-check
 >>   # Run imake to process the Imakefile.
 >>  -${IMAKE} -DUseInstalled -I${X11BASE}/lib/X11/config -s - |
 >>  -${IMAKE_MAKE} -f - builtin-test |
 >>  +${IMAKE} -DUseInstalled -I${X11BASE}/lib/X11/config
 >>  +${IMAKE_MAKE} builtin-test |
 > I don't think this change is acceptable without a proper explanation
 > either.
 Imake was segfaulting if the output was set to '-'.
 >> diff --git a/mk/fetch/ b/mk/fetch/
 > What is it used for?
 There are several minix specific packages that we created.
 The distfiles for those are hosted on MASTER_SITE_MINIX. In the
 Makefiles for those packages, we set MASTER_SITES= ${MASTER_SITE_MINIX}
 Here is the updated patch with the changes mentioned
 above (i.e. _SHORT_UNAME_R and BINPKG_SITES):
 diff --git a/mk/ b/mk/
 index 094f902..2f7b7d2 100644
 --- a/mk/
 +++ b/mk/
 @@ -482,7 +482,7 @@ PKG_FAIL_REASON+= "${PKGNAME} is restricted:" \
  PKG_FAIL_REASON+= "${PKGNAME} may not be built, because it utilizes strong 
  .    endif
  .  endif
 -.  if defined(USE_X11) && (${X11_TYPE} == "native") && !exists(${X11BASE})
 +.  if defined(USE_X11) && (${X11_TYPE} == "native") && !exists(${X11BASE}) && 
(${OPSYS} != "Minix")
  PKG_FAIL_REASON+= "${PKGNAME} uses X11, but ${X11BASE} not found"
  .  endif
  .  if defined(BROKEN)
 diff --git a/mk/ b/mk/
 index 46e3222..cefe6c9 100644
 --- a/mk/
 +++ b/mk/
 @@ -279,6 +279,17 @@ LOWER_VENDOR?=            sun
  LOWER_OPSYS?=         solaris
 +.elif ${OPSYS} == "Minix"
 +OS_VERSION!= echo `${UNAME} -v`
 +LOWER_ARCH!=          ${UNAME} -p
 +MACHINE_ARCH?=                ${LOWER_ARCH}
 +.if ${MACHINE_ARCH} == "unknown"
 +LOWER_OPSYS:=         ${OPSYS:tl}
  .elif !defined(LOWER_OPSYS)
  LOWER_OPSYS:=         ${OPSYS:tl}
 @@ -549,6 +560,8 @@ X11BASE?=  /usr
  .  elif !empty(MACHINE_PLATFORM:MDarwin-9.*-*) || \
  X11BASE?=     /usr/X11
 +.  elif ${OPSYS} == "Minix"
 +X11BASE?=     ${LOCALBASE}/X11R6
  .  elif exists(/usr/X11R7/lib/
  X11BASE?=     /usr/X11R7
  .  else
 diff --git a/mk/buildlink3/imake-check b/mk/buildlink3/imake-check
 index c337d20..cc73165 100755
 --- a/mk/buildlink3/imake-check
 +++ b/mk/buildlink3/imake-check
 @@ -86,8 +86,8 @@ then
  # Run imake to process the Imakefile.
 -${IMAKE} -DUseInstalled -I${X11BASE}/lib/X11/config -s - |
 -${IMAKE_MAKE} -f - builtin-test |
 +${IMAKE} -DUseInstalled -I${X11BASE}/lib/X11/config
 +${IMAKE_MAKE} builtin-test |
  ${GREP} -q yes
 diff --git a/mk/fetch/ b/mk/fetch/
 index 169f880..3315ffe 100644
 --- a/mk/fetch/
 +++ b/mk/fetch/
 @@ -465,3 +465,5 @@ MASTER_SITE_BACKUP?=       \ \ \
 diff --git a/mk/install/ b/mk/install/
 index 0400f8f..814006d 100644
 --- a/mk/install/
 +++ b/mk/install/
 @@ -32,6 +32,9 @@
  .if ${OPSYS} == "NetBSD"
  BINPKG_SITES?= \$${arch}/$${rel}
 +.elif ${OPSYS} == "Minix"
 +$$(${UNAME} -r)/$${arch}
  .elif ${OPSYS} == "DragonFly"
  BINPKG_SITES?= \$${arch}/DragonFly-$${rel}/stable
 diff --git a/mk/platform/ b/mk/platform/
 new file mode 100644
 index 0000000..a87c1c1
 --- /dev/null
 +++ b/mk/platform/
 @@ -0,0 +1,87 @@
 +# $NetBSD:,v 1.37 2010/03/18 22:46:01 sbd Exp $
 +# Variable definitions for the Minix operating system.
 +ECHO_N?=      ${ECHO} -n
 +.if !defined(X11_TYPE) || ${X11_TYPE} == "native"
 +IMAKE_MAKE?=  ${MAKE} # program which gets invoked by imake
 +IMAKEOPTS+=   -DBuildHtmlManPages=NO
 +PKGLOCALEDIR?=        share
 +PS?=          /usr/bin/ps
 +# XXX: default from defaults/mk.conf.  Verify/correct for this platform
 +# and remove this comment.
 +SU?=          /usr/bin/su
 +TYPE?=                type                    # Shell builtin
 +CPP_PRECOMP_FLAGS?=   # unset
 +DEF_UMASK?=           022
 +DEFAULT_SERIAL_DEVICE?=       /dev/null
 +EXPORT_SYMBOLS_LDFLAGS?=      # Don't add symbols to the dynamic symbol table
 +NOLOGIN?=             /bin/false
 +PKG_TOOLS_BIN?=               ${LOCALBASE}/sbin
 +ROOT_CMD?=            ${SU} - root -c
 +ROOT_GROUP?=  operator
 +ROOT_USER?=           root
 +SERIAL_DEVICES?=      /dev/null
 +USERADD?=             /usr/bin/useradd
 +ULIMIT_CMD_datasize?= : 
 +# imake installs manpages in weird places
 +# these values from /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/config/
 +IMAKE_MAN_SOURCE_PATH=        man/man
 +IMAKE_MANINSTALL?=    maninstall catinstall
 +_OPSYS_HAS_INET6=     no      # IPv6 is not standard
 +_OPSYS_HAS_JAVA=      no      # Java is not standard
 +_OPSYS_HAS_MANZ=      no      # no MANZ for gzipping of man pages
 +_OPSYS_HAS_OSSAUDIO=  no      # libossaudio is available
 +_OPSYS_PERL_REQD=             # no base version of perl required
 +_OPSYS_PTHREAD_AUTO=  no      # -lpthread needed for pthreads
 +_OPSYS_SHLIB_TYPE=            a.out # XXX Is this right?
 +_PATCH_CAN_BACKUP=    yes     # native patch(1) can make backups
 +_PATCH_BACKUP_ARG?=   -b -V simple --suffix   # switch to patch(1) for backup 
 +_USE_RPATH=           no      # add rpath to LDFLAGS
 +# flags passed to the linker to extract all symbols from static archives.
 +# this is GNU ld.
 +_OPSYS_WHOLE_ARCHIVE_FLAG=    -Wl,--whole-archive
 +_OPSYS_NO_WHOLE_ARCHIVE_FLAG= -Wl,--no-whole-archive
 +_STRIPFLAG_CC?=               ${_INSTALL_UNSTRIPPED:D:U-s}    # cc(1) option 
to strip
 +_STRIPFLAG_INSTALL?=  ${_INSTALL_UNSTRIPPED:D:U-s}    # install(1) option to 
 +_OPSYS_CAN_CHECK_SHLIBS=      no # can't use readelf in 
 +# check for maximum command line length and set it in configure's environment,
 +# to avoid a test required by the libtool script that takes forever.
 +# FIXME: Adjust to work on this system and enable the lines below.
 +#_OPSYS_MAX_CMDLEN_CMD=       /sbin/sysctl -n kern.argmax
 +# If games are to be installed setgid, then SETGIDGAME is set to 'yes'
 +# (it defaults to 'no' as per defaults/mk.conf).
 +# Set the group and mode to meaningful values in that case (defaults to
 +# BINOWN, BINGRP and BINMODE as per defaults/mk.conf).
 +# FIXME: Adjust to work on this system and enable the lines below.
 +#.if !(empty(SETGIDGAME:M[yY][eE][sS]))
 +#GAMES_USER=          games
 +#GAMES_GROUP=         games
 +#GAMEOWN=             ${GAMES_USER}
 +#GAMEGRP=             ${GAMES_GROUP}
 +#GAMEMODE=            2555
 +#GAMEDIRMODE=         0775
 diff --git a/mk/tools/ b/mk/tools/
 new file mode 100644
 index 0000000..5d91e77
 --- /dev/null
 +++ b/mk/tools/
 @@ -0,0 +1,64 @@
 +# $NetBSD:,v 1.47 2010/02/13 08:30:59 obache Exp $
 +# System-supplied tools for the Minix operating system.
 +#System supplied tools
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.[?=            /bin/[
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.awk?=          /usr/bin/awk
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.basename?=     /usr/bin/basename
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.bzcat?=                /usr/bin/bzcat          /bin/cat
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.bzip2?=                /usr/bin/bzip2
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.chgrp?=                /usr/bin/chgrp
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.chmod?=                /usr/bin/chmod
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.chown?=                /usr/bin/chown
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.cmp?=          /usr/bin/cmp
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.cp?=           /bin/cp 
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.cut?=          /usr/bin/cut         /bin/date
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.dirname?=      /usr/bin/dirname
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.echo?=         /bin/echo
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.env?=          /usr/bin/env
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.expr?=         /bin/expr
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.false?=                /bin/false
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.file?=         /usr/bin/file
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.find?=         /usr/bin/find
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.head?=         /usr/bin/head           /usr/bin/id
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.install?=      /bin/install
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.ln?=           /bin/ln           /bin/ls
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.m4?=           /usr/bin/m4
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.mail?=         /usr/bin/mail
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.mkdir?=                /usr/bin/mkdir -p           /bin/mv
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.nice?=         /usr/bin/nice
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.nroff?=                /usr/bin/nroff
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.pwd?=          /bin/pwd
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.rm?=           /bin/rm
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.rmdir?=                /bin/rmdir
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.sed?=  /bin/sed           /bin/sh
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.sleep?=                /usr/bin/sleep
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.strip?=                /usr/bin/strip
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.tail?=         /usr/bin/tail
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.tar?=          /usr/bin/tar
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.bsdtar?=               /usr/bin/bsdtar
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.fetch?=                /usr/bin/fetch
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.tee?=          /usr/bin/tee
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.test?=         /bin/test           /usr/bin/tr
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.true?=         /bin/true
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.tsort?=                /usr/bin/tsort
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.wc?=           /usr/bin/wc
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.xargs?=                /usr/bin/xargs
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.yacc?=         /usr/bin/yacc
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.grep?=         /usr/bin/grep
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.egrep?=                /usr/bin/egrep
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.fgrep?=                /usr/bin/fgrep
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.printf?=               /usr/bin/printf
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.touch?=                /usr/bin/touch
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.hostname?= /usr/bin/hostname
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.patch?=                /usr/bin/patch
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.diff?= /usr/bin/diff
 +TOOLS_PLATFORM.sort?= /usr/bin/sort

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