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Re: pkg/44868: update misc/calibre to 0.7.54

On Sat 21 May 2011 at 15:20:10 +0000, Thomas Klausner wrote:
>  I see:
>  WARNING: [] fake home directory not empty:
>          /scratch/nih/calibre/work/.home
>          /scratch/nih/calibre/work/.home/.config
>          /scratch/nih/calibre/work/.home/.config/calibre
>  Perhaps the icons and desktop file should be installed with the
>  package?

This looks like it results from the "desktop integration" step. I get
various error messages surrounding that, such as ``kde-config: not
found'', so I suspect another dependency which isn't declared on the
Calibre website, nor properly checked for in its build process.

I'd hate to add a dependency on KDE for this if it's not needed, so I
left it as it was. I'm not sure how to include files outside /usr/pkg
anyway, and the fact that a package installs any seems quite improper to

>  Can you please send the patches upstream?

I'll do that.

>  Thanks,
>   Thomas
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