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Re: pkg/44863: print/poppler's MESSAGE

The MESSAGE is technically not exact indeed, but I think it is not too bad.

At first, the code which selects the default paper size is not in poppler
but in gtk2. A MESSAGE attached to gtk2 wouldn't be read, and a couple
of applications which print use poppler, so there is a chance that this
is read by someone who installs some program which prints out his
PDF documents. (poppler-glib would be more selective though)
There are other programs which print through gtk2 but don't use
poppler. This means there could be more MESSAGEs of this kind.

> even assuming it makes sense to use locales to select
> the default paper size, which I question, LC_MESSAGES is supposed to
> be used to choose the language

This is indeed how the gtk2 code works. It uses LC_MESSAGES, unless
either _NL_PAPER_WIDTH exists for nl_langinfo(3) or a special
LC_PAPER category. Neither does in NetBSD.
For pkgsrc, it might make sense to use /etc/papersize through
the "libpaper" pkg as other programs do, but this would mean
patching gtk2.

> It would make as much sense to set LC_COLLATE.

Indeed, this doesn't fit into any of the POSIX defined categories.

> Also, UTF-8 has nothing to do with paper size.

Obviously not, but for end users it is better to give an example
which works than to try to explain the theory.
The "letter" size is also not limited to _US locales -- just ftr
the exact list is (BZ|CA|CL|CO|CR|GT|MX|NI|PA|PH|PR|SV|US|VE).

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