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Re: pkg/44735 (pkgsrc 2010Q4 Solaris 2.{8,10} lang/gcc3 build failed (libtool problem ?))

Thank you for the very detailed analysis.

I find that on my solaris systems, /usr/pkg/bin/libtool contains
SHELL="/usr/pkg/bin/pdksh", and my
/usr/pkg/etc/mk.conf contains /usr/pkg/bin/pdksh
so I would guess that rebuilding your libtool package after setting may resolve that part of your problem.  Is that
something you could try?

In addition you might try building the lang/gcc44 rather than the very
old lang/gcc3... also solaris 10 may have a usable gcc in /usr/sfw/bin
that would be easier than building the pkgsrc version with the sun

I don't use the sun compiler in production, and don't currently have a
working test system with sunstudio installed, so I can't comment on
the rest.

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