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Re: pkg/44425: devel/lua-alt-getopt install problem

 >>  cd /var/obj/pkgsrc/devel/lua-alt-getopt/work/lua_alt_getopt_sources
 >>  make list-vars VARS=INSTALL
 >>Does it differ from /usr/bin/install?
>  % make list-vars VARS=INSTALL
>  INSTALL=/usr/bin/install
>  %

I expect the following will show -N

  make list-vars VARS=INSTALL_FILE

On my system uses INSTALL_FILE for instaling.

 >>> the resulting ball of strings.
 >>I understand the difference. I don't know exactly why 'install -N ...'
 >>is called on your system but I don't like the way Matthias solved 44415.
>  Well, I guess the alternative is to teach <>

Try to convert your mk.conf from

   .ifdef BSD_PKG_MK
   # p[kgsrc settings here
   # NetBSD settings here


   .ifdef BSD_PKG_MK
    # pkgsrc settings here
    # NetBSD settings here

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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