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Re: pkg/44257 (comms/asterisk18 fails to build on DragonFly)

On Dec 21, 10:09am, Francois Tigeot wrote:
} John Nemeth wrote:
} > The following reply was made to PR pkg/44257; it has been noted by GNATS.
} >
} > From: (John Nemeth)
} > To:,,
} > Cc:
} > Subject: Re: pkg/44257 (comms/asterisk18 fails to build on DragonFly)
} > Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010 22:57:08 -0800
} >
} >        There are various other places that have #defined(__FreeBSD__)
} >   but don't have #defined(__DragonFly__).  Can you check if any of
} >   these other places should be modified as well, please?  Here is a
} >   list of them:

     Thanks for doing this.  Although I create and maintain the
Asterisk packages for my own purposes, it is still really nice to
see others using them.

} >   apps/app_voicemail.c
} This one is okay. This was a conditional inclusion of a .h file; the 
} compilation succeeded and would have failed otherwise.

     That's not guaranteed, but okay.

} >   channels/chan_usbradio.c
} >   channels/chan_dahdi.c
} I'm unsure; they don't seem to be compiled by default.

     chan_usbradio appears to be an interface to a ham (amateur)
radio.  I haven't used or tested it.  chan_dahdi is unusable on
NetBSD.  DAHDI (Digium hardware drivers) has been ported to FreeBSD.
I've poked at porting it to NetBSD, but there are many differences
between the FreeBSD and NetBSD Kernel Programming Interfaces so it
is a major task.  It is still on my TODO list, but there is no
guarantee when it will be done.  However, given that DragonFlyBSD
was spun off of FreeBSD not that long ago, it might not be as big
a chore to port it to DragonFlyBSD if you want to take a stab at
it.  If you're successful and create a package, I can add it to
pkgsrc for you, but I can't really offer any assistance beyond
basic help with creating a package.

} >   utils/muted.c:42:#elif defined(__linux__) || defined(__FreeBSD__)
} Soundcard support. I don't know enough about it to judge.

     I haven't played with soundcard support in Asterisk.

} >   utils/streamplayer.c.orig
} This is a .orig; no need to do anything.

     Oops, missed one, I meant to remove all the .orig files from
the list.

     I'm doing a test build right now with all the patches.  Once my
test build is complete (in the morning) I'll commit the changes and ask
you to do a test build.

}-- End of excerpt from Francois Tigeot

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