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Re: pkg/44016: x11/gtk must be linked against libintl

>  Do you have any the the environment variable: CPATH CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH or
>  LIBRARY_PATH set, if so please try unseting them and rebuilding the 
>  package after a 'make clean'.

These variables are not set. I'm now closer to solving the problem:

I have a stable pkgsrc branch installed under /usr/local. Nothing special there.

Then, I compile a second pkgsrc into /usr/current. I don't actually use these 
programs. I just compile there either pkgsrc-current or a new stable pkgsrc 
branch. If it compiles there cleanly, I'll upgrade pkgsrc under /usr/local.

Quick info about my second pkgsrc installation under /usr/current:




PKG_DBDIR=              /usr/current/var/db/pkg
LOCALBASE=              /usr/current
VARBASE=                /usr/current/var
PKG_TOOLS_BIN=          /usr/current/sbin
PKGMANDIR=              man
X11_TYPE=               modular
WRKOBJDIR=              /tmp/current

Programs are compiled with /usr/current in PATH:
PATH=/usr/current/bin:/usr/current/sbin:$PATH bmake install clean

Just figured out that if I remove /usr/local (e.g. mv /usr/local 
/usr/local.tmp), then gtk compiles cleanly under /usr/current.

So far, I never had problems with my parallel pkgsrc installation under 
/usr/current. This is now the first time.

Should I ask in a mailing list why this problem arises? Guess it has nothing to 
do with a suspected bug in x11/gtk.


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