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Re: pkg/44062: Inconsistencies in PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED

>  There are two issues to maintain PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED.
>  It is hard to determine whether:
>  1) it came from the package itself, or dependency
>  2) it means only accept those versions, or not accept others
>  For audio/sonata, PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED was changed as followings in 
> Makefile:
>  r1.1:  24  (maximum version, probably not compatible with 23,22,...)
>  r1.2: +25 (python25 added, assumed that it is compatible with 24)
>  r1.7: -24 (py-gtk2 does not accept 24)
>  r1.8: +24 (py-gtk2 accept 24 again)

For manual package testing wip/pkg_summary-utils may be used
(>=0.47 is strongly recomended).

0 ~>pkg_src_summary -f PKGNAME,PKGPATH,DEPENDS -md audio/sonata | 
pkg_summary2deps -nd > /dev/null 
Cannot find dependency py24-gobject>=2.10.1nb1 for package 
audio/sonata:PYTHON_VERSION_REQD=24 (sonata-1.6.2nb3)
Cannot find dependency py24-gtk2>=2.8.4 for package 
audio/sonata:PYTHON_VERSION_REQD=24 (sonata-1.6.2nb3)
Cannot find dependency py24-gtk2>=2.12.1nb1 for package 
audio/sonata:PYTHON_VERSION_REQD=24 (sonata-1.6.2nb3)
Cannot find dependency py24-gtk2>=2.16.0nb2 for package 
audio/sonata:PYTHON_VERSION_REQD=24 (sonata-1.6.2nb3)
0 0 ~>

Also my distbb warns about such situations, e.g.

>  I feel that it is possible to remove incompatible version from 
>  recursively and automatically, but hard to add new acceptable version because
>  current it is impossible to determine whether current mark of incompatibility
>  came from the package itself or dependency.
>  PYTHON_VERSIONS_INCOMPATIBLE may be used for it, but not used anywhere.
As is used for handling python-based dependencies, deriving
incompatible python versions from dependencies whould not be a big
problem I think. That is, a list of incompatible pythons should be set
once both for package itself (Makefile) and for dependent packages
( The same for PHP and Apache versions.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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