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Re: PR/43804 CVS commit: pkgsrc/multimedia/mplayer

                        Hi everyone,

On 06/11/2010 21:05, Matthew Mondor wrote:
>  On Sat,  6 Nov 2010 18:10:05 +0000 (UTC)
>  Pierre Pronchery <> wrote:
>  >  I have compiled mplayer on NetBSD 5.1_RC4, pkgsrc-2010Q2 with this fix
>  >  applied, and for some reason it still does not prevent the screensaver
>  >  from blanking the screen. I'm investigating...
>  I checked briefly the mplayer code and it seems that if the configure
>  script is able to invoke XScreenSaverSuspend() in a test program, it
>  will link against the libXss library automatically (and then uses the
>  XScreenSaver(3)/Xss(3) API).  This is only expected to work with screen
>  savers which support the Xss API, or for which the XResetScreenSaver
>  API can be used as heartbeat.  mplayer is already linked against libXss
>  here, but not using any screensaver other than DPMS, I can't confirm it
>  works.

In fact everything seems to be fine with mplayer now. My problem is
apparently with xscreensaver now, which does not use scrnsaver.h/Xss at all.

I have therefore used another program to test this patch:

I'd consider this PR good to be closed then.


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