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Re: pkg/43316: tnftp on HP-UX broken

I'm writing to tell you that simply putting the following to tnftp/Makefile does
not solve this issue of non working tnftp

Actually the problem is a bit different and I found the solution reading

The key sentence is 

"It turns out that in this version of HPUX, the last argument to 
getsockopt really has to be an int pointer, EVEN THOUGH it appears that the 
function prototype is a socklen_t pointer.  Merely  changing the type of 'k' (in
tnftp code this would be snlen) ... will solve this problem"

The advice works on HP-UX 11.11 as well as I tested it a while ago.
The connect() is affected too.

Of course simply changing the variable type breaks potability of the code
because other systems still expect socklen_t pointer :(

At least main.c and util.c need tweaking

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