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Re: pkg/43518 (converters/libiconv fails to build on OpenSolaris)

Sorry I'm just getting back to look at this...

I don't see this problem on Solaris sparc, but I admit I'm not clear
on why... the problem is the part of the line "-Wl,-soname
-Wl," which seems to be gnu ld specific, and should be
"-Wl,-h -Wl," for solaris ld.  Somehow when I build,
that is what I get... it does not appear to be the pkgsrc wrappers
doing the fix, as they only make that fix when also using the sun
compiler... and I use gcc.  The libiconv configure script is
apparently failing to figure this out for you, but is figuring it out
for me.  Gcc will use sun ld even when gnu ld is in your path first,
if it was built to do so... maybe make sure gnu ld is not anyplace in
your path? (or at least after sun ld?)

 - Tim

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