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Re: pkg/43866: gst-plugins-base-0.10.30 fails to compile on amd64

 On 09/11/10 14:06, Matthias Drochner wrote:
   ORCC   tmp-orc.c
Failed to compile add_int32
Can you try to get the real error message? (there must be a flag
in the Makefile)
It might also be useful to run the selftests of pkgsrc/devel/orc.
(There is also a newer version of orc available, but I haven't
tested it yet.)

best regards

I'm not sure why, but i re-tried after failure, it continued to compile. It failed several times during make process, and every time i re-typed "make install", In the end it has been compiled succesfully.

I was compiling several pkgsrc softwares , and it was first time i encountered such a strangeness.


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