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Re: pkg/43725 (pkgsrc git repo issue)

The following reply was made to PR pkg/43725; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Matthew Dillon <>
Subject: Re: pkg/43725 (pkgsrc git repo issue)
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2010 11:54:42 -0700 (PDT)

 :I rebuilt the git repos of pkgsrc and src today since they had accumulated
 :errors; they are back in operation now. Note that I'm not sure how "well"
 :the git tree is (we know the src tree has systematic errors, the pkgsrc
 :tree might as well).
     I resynced the git pkgsrc repo and ran a comparison against the cvs
     pkgsrc repo (using cvs checkout -kb so the keywords wouldn't get in
     the way too much).  Most of the differences are due to keywords
     (cvs has a habit of leaking keyword expansions into commits)
     but I did notice that a number of deletions in cvs didn't make it to
        (pkgsrc/ is the git checkout)
        Only in pkgsrc/devel/sdcc: files
        Only in pkgsrc/graphics: xanim
        Only in pkgsrc/mail: cyrus
        Only in pkgsrc/mail/thunderbird/patches: patch-bc
        Only in pkgsrc/print: ted
     The git repo is definitely working again, sans those synchronization
     issues.  I did notice the git repo is a bit bloated on the number
     of packs and could probably use a git gc / prune / repack.
     Another possibility regarding the synchronization problems is that
     the git repo is being accessed with a http:// path.  The issues might
     go away if you run an actual git server so a git:// path can be used
     to pull the repo.  Actually, this is more a probability than a
     Running a git server read-only is fairly easy.  What we do for the
     DragonFly project is create a dummy account 'git' with read only
     access to the repo and then run the git daemon from that using a
     crontab @reboot entry like this:
     crater# crontab -u git -l
     @reboot         /usr/pkg/bin/git daemon --detach --verbose --export-all 
     That and having the firewall let through the git port (tcp 9418) and
     then it just works.
                                        Matthew Dillon 

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