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Re: pkg/43363: update emulators/simh V3.8-1, with fixes for build on Linux

>  >  * add MAKEFLAGS in pkgsrc Makefile to handle OSTYPE in dist makefile
>  MAKE_FLAGS should be used instead.
>  (see The pkgsrc guide 22.1)

Ok, I'll do.

>  >  * revise patch-aa to handle non-NetBSD OSes in makefile
>  >    (Darwin and Solaris are untested)
>  How about minimalize patch and use gmake (USE_TOOLS+=gmake)?
>  And it will be acceptable for upstream.

Hmm, I'll test it on NetBSD and CentOS.

>  >  * update patch-ac for upstream cosmetics
>  Seems OK.
>  But do you know why this patch is required?

Per patch-ac rev 1.3, PR pkg/22967 says:
>> This also adds one patch (patch-ac) which makes "set telnet"'s
>> output a little nicer -- it set the tty to raw mode, but still used only \n
>> to output newlines.  (In raw mode, \r\n is necessary.)

>  >  * rewrite patch-ad to get proper inline defs,
>  >    though upstream seems to disable SIM_INLINE macro
>  I feel this patch should be removed.


Izumi Tsutsui

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