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Re: pkg/42607 (pkg_add hangs in ftp when there are dependencies (multiple packages))

It looks like things are not fully OK as yet!

Last night I went to do some updates to NetBSD machines like so:

 o Install latest 5.1_RC1 sets (from a local build) on all

 o Did pkg_rolling-replace -vu on the build box.

 o Ran pkg_info -aX | gzip -c > $PKG_PATH/pkg_summary.gz

 o On the target: Move /usr/sbin/pkg_add out of the way:

     mv /usr/sbin/pkg_add /usr/sbin/pkg_add.old

   (because it chokes on >1 package as is the reason for
   this PR)

 o On the target: pkg_chk -bu -P $PKG_PATH
     i.e. ftp://build-machine/pub/packages/All

The update begins fine and starts processing all the packages. But then I start to get ftp connection failures as in "connection refused". Even on a manually executed "ftp -a build-machine". inetd on the ftp server starts refusing ftp connections!

To recover, I restarted inetd on the ftp server. And did the pkg_chk -bu -P.. and repeated several times until all packages were up-to-date.

Unfortunately, since things are acting so strangely, I can no longer vouch for the goodness of this fix.


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