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PR/43269 CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/fetchmail

The following reply was made to PR pkg/43269; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Tim Zingelman <>
Subject: PR/43269 CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/fetchmail
Date: Sat, 8 May 2010 15:34:59 +0000

 Module Name:   pkgsrc
 Committed By:  tez
 Date:          Sat May  8 15:34:59 UTC 2010
 Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/mail/fetchmail: Makefile distinfo
 Added Files:
        pkgsrc/mail/fetchmail: MESSAGE
 Log Message:
 Update to 6.3.17 per PR#43269
 fetchmail-6.3.17 (released 2010-05-06, 25767 LoC):
 * CVE-2010-1167: Fetchmail before release 6.3.17 did not properly sanitize
   external input (mail headers and UID). When a multi-character locale (such as
 * Fetchmail now supports a --sslcertfile <file> option to specify a "CA bundle"
   file (a file that contains trusted CA certificates). Since these bundled CA
   files do not require c_rehash to be run, they are easier to use and immune to
   OpenSSL library updates that affect the hash function.
 * Fetchmail now supports a FETCHMAIL_INCLUDE_DEFAULT_X509_CA_CERTS
   environment variable to force loading the default SSL CA certificate
   locations even if --sslcertfile or --sslcertpath is used.
   If neither option is in effect, fetchmail loads the default locations.
 * Fix string handling in rcfile scanner, which caused fetchmail to misparse a
   run control file in certain circumstances.  Fixes BerliOS bug #14257.
   Patch by Michael Banack.  This fixes a regression introduced before 6.3.0.
 * Plug memory leak when using a "defaults" entry in the run control file.
 * Do not print SSL certificate mismatches unless verbose or --sslcertck is
 * Do not lose "set invisible" in fetchmailconf. (Michael Barnack)
 * Usability: SSL certificate chains are fully printed in -v -v mode, and there
   are now helpful pointers to --sslcertpath and c_rehash for "unable to get
   local issuer certificate" and self-signed certificates -- these usually hint
   to missing root signing CAs in the certs directory.
 * Several fixes for compiler (GCC, Intel C++, CLang) and autotools warnings
 * Memory allocation failures will now cause abnormal program abort (SIGABRT),
   no longer an exit with unspecified code.
 * Fix table of global option to read "set softbounce" where there used to be a
   2nd copy of "set spambounce".  Patch by Michael Banack, BerliOS Bug #17067.
 * In the --sslcertpath description, mention that OpenSSL upgrade (and a 0.9.X
   to 1.0.0 upgrade in particular) may require running c_rehash.
   [zh_CN] Chinese/simplified (Ji Zheng-Yu)
   [cs]    Czech (Petr Pisar)
   [nl]    Dutch (Erwin Poeze)
   [fr]    French (Fr\xc3<A9>d\xc3<A9>ric Marchal)
   [de]    German
   [id]    Indonesian (Andhika Padmawan)
   [it]    Italian (Vincenzo Campanella)
   [ja]    Japanese (Takeshi Hamasaki)
   [pl]    Polish (Jakub Bogusz)
   [sk]    Slovak (Marcel Telka)
   [vi]    Vietnamese (Clytie Siddall)
   (this section floats upwards through the NEWS file so it stays with the
   current release information - however, it was stuck with 6.3.8 for a while)
 * fetchmail does not handle messages without Message-ID header well
   (See bug #780933)
 * BSMTP is mostly untested and errors can cause corrupt output.
 * Sun Workshop 6 (SPARC) is known to miscompile the configuration file lexer in
   64-bit mode.  Either compile 32-bit code or use GCC to compile 64-bit
   fetchmail.  Note that fetchmail doesn't take advantage of 64-bit code,
   so compiling 32-bit SPARC code should not cause any difficulties.
 * fetchmail does not track pending deletes over crashes
 * the command line interface is sometimes a bit stubborn, for instance,
   fetchmail -s doesn't work with a daemon running
 fetchmail-6.3.16 (released 2010-04-06, 25574 LoC):
 * Fix --interface option, broken in 6.3.15. Reported by Vladmimir Stavrinov.
   Fixes Debian Bug #576717.
 * Call OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms(). This is needed to support non-mandatory
   and non-standard algorithms in certificates.
   Sjoerd Simons, to fix Debian Bug #576430.
   OpenSSL 0.9.8* does not load - for instance - the SHA256 digest by default.
   Reported as OpenSSL RT#2224.
 fetchmail-6.3.15 (released 2010-03-28, 25572 LoC):
 * Fetchmail now supports a bad-header command line or rcfile option that takes
   exactly one argument, accept or reject (default).  This specifies how 
   with bad headers retrieved from the current server are to be treated.
 * In the rcfile, recognize "local" as abbreviation for "localdomains", as
   documented. The short form has not ever worked since this feature was added 
   January 1997. Reported by Fr\xc3<A9>d\xc3<A9>ric Marchal.
 * Do not close stdout when using mda and "bsmtp -" at the same time.
 * Log operating system errors when BSMTP writes fail.
 * Fix verbose mode progress formatting regression from 6.3.10; SMTP trace lines
   were no longer on a line of their own. Reported by Melchior Franz.
 * Check seteuid() return value and abort running MDA if switch fails.
 * Set global flags in a consistent manner. Make --nosoftbounce and
   --nobounce work from command line (these used to work in rcfiles).
   Reported and fix confirmed working by N.J. Mann. (Sunil Shetye)
 * Properly import h_errno declarations, even on systems where h_errno isn't a
   macro. (Adds ./configure check, fixes Cygwin dllimport warnings.)
 * The repository has been converted and moved from the Subversion (SVN) format
   kindly hosted by Graham Wilson over the past years to Git format hosted on  My deepest thanks to Graham Wilson for this service that
   kept us going when BerliOS's Subversion service was faulty in its early days.
 * This opportunity was used to convert BRANCH_6-2 and BRANCH_1-9-9 to
   GnuPG-signed tags, as a sign that these are now closed.
 * The outdated SVN trunk is now called "oldtrunk" in Git just to save the work
   for future reference. All development in the past few years was on 
 * master was branched from BRANCH_6-3.  BRANCH_6-3 is now obsolete (and in fact
   was also converted to a tag to record where the conversion from SVN to Git
   took place).
 * "make check" now skips HTML validation if xmllint or XHTML DTD are missing.
 * Web site and documentation were adjusted to reflect the SVN->Git move.
 * The fetchmail manual page is now much clearer on the user id switching
   (seteuid) when using --mda while running as the super user.
 # TRANSLATION UPDATES, by language name
 * [zh_CN] Chinese (Simplified), by Ji Zheng-Yu
 * [cs]    Czech, by Petr Pisar
 * [nl]    Dutch, by Erwin Poeze
 * [fr]    French, by Fr\xc3<A9>d\xc3<A9>ric Marchal
 * [de]    German
 * [id]    Indonesian, by Andhika Padmawan
 * [it]    Italian, by Vincenzo Campanella
 * [ja]    Japanese, by Takeshi Hamasaki
 * [pl]    Polish, by Jakub Bogusz
 * [vi]    Vietnamese, by Clytie Siddall
 To generate a diff of this commit:
 cvs rdiff -u -r0 -r1.1 pkgsrc/mail/fetchmail/MESSAGE
 cvs rdiff -u -r1.171 -r1.172 pkgsrc/mail/fetchmail/Makefile
 cvs rdiff -u -r1.41 -r1.42 pkgsrc/mail/fetchmail/distinfo
 Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
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