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Re: pkg/42850 (Haiku OS support for devel/bmake)

> >  On bootstrap, ${prefix} is not set, so:
> >  share_dir=/share
> >  MAKESYSPATH="share/mk:/usr/share/mk"
> >  
> >  Then self test will be failed with:
> >  bmake: no system rules (

So bootstrap should provide mksrc.  
The latest version of bmake adds support for FindHereOrAbove
so you can run boot-strap -m .../mk
I've fixed ShareDir so it won't return /share (unless it exists),
so if neither share_dir nor /usr/share contain a mk dir, we
can use FindHereOrAbove to look for one, but it would be better to be
told where.
> The build under Mac OS X (Darwin) fails with a different error.
> While Mac OS X provides "/usr/share/mk" it is clearly not good
> enough to make the unit tests work.

/usr/share/mk shouldn't be used on anything but NetBSD, so using
.../mk might be best in this case too?

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