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Re: pkg/43086: /multimedia/vlc doesn't compile on linux

With the patch, the original code - as in the unpatched version - is executed 
for linux systems. With the patch, vlc compiles on linux and I can watch videos 
on local an non-local mounted fs.

A small issue: bmake install complains:

=> Running POST-INSTALL script actions
pkg_create: can't stat `/usr/local/lib/vlc/access/'
=> Registering installation for vlc-1.0.4
pkg_admin: vlc-1.0.4: File
`/usr/local/lib/vlc/access/' is in +CONTENTS but not on 

Vlc is compiled with these options:

The supported build options for vlc are:

        dbus debug faad gnome hal pulseaudio sdl skins

The currently selected options are:


You can select which build options to use by setting PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS
or the following variable.  Its current value is shown:

        PKG_OPTIONS.vlc (not defined)

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