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Re: pkg/41087 (OS_VERSION should be removed from PKGPATH)

 >> What does come to mind is adding a dummy package whose version
 >> *is* the kernel version and having lsof depend on it. This would also
 >> solve the problem and be less messy.

Such a special package and special dependency marks a package as "needs
to be upgrade". PkgSrc is a cross-platforms packaging system.
Therefore this type of dictate doesn't look to me like a real solution
for all supported platforms.

I'd prefer to see OSVERSION_SPECIFIC a part of pkg_summary(5) generated
by "pkg_info -X".  Next step is to improve package manager, e.g.,
pkg_chk.  That is, the idea is to _recommend_ an upgrade.

P.S.  Reminder: ${OS_VERSION} as a part of PKGNAME makes a package
broken due to special characters (e.g. `-') in OS_VERSION under Linux
and probably other OSes too.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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