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Re: pkg/42712: bootstrap pkgsrc should check for required termcap

This PR should probably have the synopsis renamed to:

default termcap options not set appropriately on linux

I just boostrapped pkgsrc on:

Gentoo 4Q2009
Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Base
Fedora Core 8

Neither appears to have gotten a functional pkgsrc -- they all three
bail out when building tnftp with an error message that 'no usable
termcap' was found.

I had to manually install using whatever package management system the
host provides a suitable termcap library.

I thought pkgsrc would be smart enough to figure out that no termcap is
present and pull in something?  Even if not, it'd be nice it would make
a suggestion as to what the innocent user should do, such as setting
certain options if those are possible to rectify the situation.


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