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Re: pkg/33221 (default exim configuration file)

 >>  I personally whould like to see policy about packages that provide
 >>  daemons. Variants:
 >>  1) pkgsrc should provide packages as close to upstream sources as
 >>  it is possible, i.g. only patches for fixing bugs are allowed;
 >>  2) pkgsrc shuld provide the default config listening to localhost only.
 >>  To me making decision on per-package basis looks bad.
>  The policy has already been stated here -- if you install something
>  and switch it on, the expectation is that it will work as documented.
>  The default configuration should be left alone so it matches what
>  appears in the documentation, on the project's home page, and/or on
>  any guides or configuration HOWTOs that may be floating around on the
>  network. This is particularly true for mailers, where configuration is
>  important, delicate, and usually fairly obscure.
>  If you think the default configuration should be different, take it up
>  with upstream. When upstream is comatose or dead, it's a somewhat
>  different matter, but that doesn't apply here.

Ok. Close PR. But, how about having the real policy in written form in
pkgsrc guide or somewhere?

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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