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Re: pkg/41021 (Fixes and improvements for devel/mk-files (patch))

> I don't fancy the patch which installs mk-files as share/sjg-mk/

> I'm not sure what the correct solution is to resolve conflict b/w
> devel/mk-files and pkgtools/bootstrap-mk-files or even why conflict
> exists. 

> I'd be more inclined just to remove mk-files from pkgsrc/
> AFAIK pkgsrc itself does not need/use it, and it does not need pkgsrc.
> Anyone that wants to use mk-* can simply download it and install
> anywhere they like. 
It's true that mk-files is not used in pkgsrc but I personally use it
for testing my own software.  For testing purposes

  'bmake -m /usr/pkg/share/sjg-mk'

works just perfectly.  So, I'd vote for keeping it in devel/.  If you
don't want to maintain it, please apply suggested patch (unfortunately
I have no commit rights) and assign MAINTAINER to me
( Alternatively, you can remove it from devel/ and I'll
move it to wip/.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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