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Re: pkg/42155: lang/perl5 vs. DB_File module required for www/ikiwiki

 >>  This is a good point and would allow us to remove databases/p5-gdbm, too.
 >>  Would it be ok to commit this during freeze or better after it?

>  perl5 is imho too important to risk breaking for a Linux fix that may
>  cause unforseen problems on other platforms. Please hold this until
>  after the branch, but feel free to request a pullup later, after it's
>  gotten some testing.

If I understand correctly there were no objections against commiting.
Freeze is in the past. I've checked patch perl under NetBSD-5/pkgsrc-2009Q3.
It is built fine and PLIST doesn't change.
perl -V also doesn't show significant difference.

>  Shouldn't that be ${PREFIX}?

Probably yes, I followed minimal patch size principle and
used LOCALBASE just because there were other places with it.

>  (I know there are other LOCALBASE references in the Makefile.)

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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