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Re: pkg/40954: lang/smlnj broken with 64-bit time_t

The following reply was made to PR pkg/40954; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: David Holland <>
To: Christopher Richards <richards%CS.Princeton.EDU@localhost>
Subject: Re: pkg/40954: lang/smlnj broken with 64-bit time_t
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2009 09:24:43 +0000

 On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 10:35:01PM +0000, Christopher Richards wrote:
  >  The attached patch solves the lang/smlnj build failure under 64-bit
  >  time_t, by way of updating the package from version 110.42 (vintage
  >  2002) to 110.69, the most recent "working" version. In SML/NJ
  >  parlance, the "working" version is the stable release, and the
  >  "stable" version is the haunted-mansion, nobody-goes-there release. I
  >  could not begin to summarize the six years of changes this update
  >  entails.
  >  This new version survives the build and appears to function correctly
  >  (as tested on NetBSD/xen, -current as of 2009-03-06), but the runtime
  >  still assumes a 32-bit time_t, and will still lose beginning in 2038.
 So I finally got around to trying it (sorry it took so long...) and it
 builds and installs ok, given the modernization of removing @dirrm
 from the PLIST.
 But, it breaks lang/twelf. The compile thereof gives
        src/timing/timing.sml:83.26-84.38 Error: operator and operand don't
        agree [tycon mismatch]
          operator domain: {gc:Time.time, sys:Time.time, usr:Time.time} *
                           {gc:Time.time, sys:Time.time, usr:Time.time}
          operand:         {gc:Time.time, sys:Time.time, usr:Time.time} *
                           {sys:Time.time, usr:Time.time}
          in expression:
            plus (CPUTime,evalCPUTime)
        val it = false : bool
        stdIn:6.45-6.58 Error: unbound structure: Server in path Server.server
 The build doesn't stop, but twelf-server doesn't get (fully?)
 installed, resulting in this behavior at runtime:
        /usr/pkg/bin/sml: Fatal error -- unable to open heap image
        Process twelf-server exited abnormally with code 1
 Do you know how to go about fixing this? Since twelf is the only thing
 in pkgsrc that uses smlnj, I'm a bit reluctant to commit the update
 without fixing it as well.
 (It would also be nice sometime to set up a proper buildlink3 for
 smlnj instead of using a Makefile.common, but that's not entirely
 trivial and not really a priority.)
 David A. Holland

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