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Re: pkg/41883: math/maxima missing (possibly via dependency) devel/libsegv dependency

kre%munnari.OZ.AU@localhost writes:

>       Building math/maxima in a (fairly) clean sandbox causes the
>       following as part of the configure output (yet configure still
>       succeeds) ...
> checking build system type... i386-unknown-netbsdelf4.0
> checking host system type... i386--netbsdelf
> checking for clisp... true
> checking for iconv... true
> checking for recode... false
> Shared object "" not found
> clisp runtime is ""
>       And then when it comes to building ...
> ===> Building for maxima-5.19.0
> Making all in src
> test -d binary-clisp || mkdir binary-clisp
> clisp -norc -q -x '(progn (load "../lisp-utils/defsystem.lisp") (funcall 
> (intern (symbol-name :operate-on-system) :mk) "maxima" :compile :verbose t))' 
> &&  clisp -norc -q -x '(progn (load "../lisp-utils/defsystem.lisp") (funcall 
> (intern (symbol-name :operate-on-system) :mk) "maxima" :load :verbose t) 
> (ext:saveinitmem "binary-clisp/maxima.mem" :init-function (function 
> cl-user::run)))'
> Shared object "" not found
> *** Error code 1
> Stop.
> make: stopped in /pkg_comp/obj/pkgsrc/math/maxima/4x/maxima-5.19.0/src
> *** Error code 1
> Stop.
>       The two references there to libsigsegv are the only two (to that point)
>       in the build log - the "make clean" that pkg_comp does (which ends up
>       for me with CLENDEPENDS=yes) does descend into devel/libsigsegv
>       to clean it - so something along the way has this listed as a
>       dependency, but evidently not correctly so as to cause it to be
>       loaded.
>       I think I've encountered something similar before, and the fix
>       turned out to be quite easy for someone who has a clue.

math/maxima depends on lang/clisp (default option),
and the latter depends on libsigsegv.

Can you start bare clisp within your environment?


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