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Re: pkg/41492 (lang/python25 wrongly detects files belonging to py25-subversion)

Greg Troxel wrote:
> I think the problem is only with 'make replace', because python has some
> code to rebuild .py files in site-packages.  When doing make update or
> bulk builds the depending packages aren't installed.  Given the
> unsafe_depends notion, I'd say that python should not write files that
> are not in its planned set of files (as expressed in PLIST).  If it's
> necessary to rebuild .pyo and .pyc after updating from, e.g., 2.5.5 to
> 2.5.6, then a) that's pretty scary and b) pkg_rolling-replace or the
> manual process one should be following instead after make replace should
> take care of it.

Absolutely true. I got in mind that maybe py-subversion could create
compiled modules for it's installed .py-files, too.


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