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Re: pkg/41423: CenterIM unusable: ignores several keys (like enter)


>> That's an interesting new behavior I haven't seen, yet. libcurses, I
>> guess?
> Yes.  I am doing all my tests with NetBSD's libcurses.

Ah ok. Well, in the end, it should not really matter. I haven't got it to
work with base's curses, thus the INCOMPAT-line and ncurses.

> The white on white behaviour is a centerim bug - it sets the highlighted
>  items to be white foreground and default (i.e. whatever the terminal is
>  set to) background colours.  As I use white background, I get white on
>  white ;-)

he he, ok. Well, if it's just that, I don't care: work-around "use
different bg-color" is easily done :)

> Thanks for checking.  At least the versions of CenterIM are consistent.

If I can help, I'll do it :)
And yes, it looks quite consistent.

> I have narrowed down the problem further.  For some reason, when we call
>  getchar() from the curses library (src/lib/libcurses/getch.c:602), it
> returns -1 for the second character in an escape sequence (e.g. left
> arrow is the three characters <esc> O D when using an xterm).  This
> causes the parsing in "assembling a key sequence" state to abort.  (The
> other characters in the escape sequence are read after the extra -1.)
> Also, as I mentioned previously, if I slow everything down by using a
> curses library with enough debug enabled, we read the key sequences for
> the arrow keys without a problem.
> I will see if I can spot why getchar() is returning -1.

Now that you are mentioning terminal-types like xterm...I tried different
$TERM values, e.g. vt100 and xterm, and the behavior of the keys never
changed. I don't know if this information is helpful, but since I tried
that, I thought it couldn't hurt being mentioned :)

best regards

- Volkmar


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