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Re: pkg/41240: Perl5 build issue on opensolaris due to getconf

Michael C. Vergallen wrote:

>  Havard Eidnes wrote:
>  >  Can you please describe in a bit more detail how it fails?  Does
>  >  it only emit warnings during the build, or does it completely
>  >  fail to build?  I don't have the environment to try this out
>  >  myself.
>  >  
>  Yes I will,
>  Due to the fact that getconf on solaris is totaly broken and the author
>  does not want to fix the package to give the correct values one has only
>  one option and that is to
>  ignore the output from getconf all together...this removes the compiler
>  warnings all together and makes shure perl5 gets build correctly on the
>  solaris/opensolaris platform.
>  Someone did a partial fix in the original  source code but forgot to
>  finalize the last 3 entries in the script who  get  used  by  solaris 
>  10  & I fixed those becuase
>  the warning messages emitted on opensolaris turn the whole build into a
>  mess and sometimes cause the program not to build at all...Mostly a
>  cosmetic fix but it also has implications
>  in the build process becuase incorrect compiler directives are deduced
>  witch is a bad thing ... it is not leathel in most cases that the bad
>  values get used but in certain cases it makes the
>  build process fail.

I've seen the same when compiling perl on OpenSolaris, but I hadn't time to
fix it correctly. Michael - I cannot turn on my test machine the next few
days - can you please attach the work/.work.log, so that someone could take
a look what fails?

Thanks in advance,

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