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Re: pkg/39717 (patch-ae in sysutils/gentoo uses mkdtemp)

After removing

   #include <paths.h>

again (does not exist on Solaris, and mkstemp(3C) mentions only stdlib.h), and changing

   strcpy(tempnamebuf, _PATH_TMP "gentoo.XXXXXX");


   strcpy(tempnamebuf, "gentoo.XXXXXX");

the package did compile. Does paths.h define _PATH_TMP and this provides an appropriate directory for temporary files? The better function in Solaris for this task is tmpfile, but it returns a file handle, not a descriptor. I know no other easy fix than to hardcode "/tmp":

   strcpy(tempnamebuf, "/tmp/gentoo.XXXXXX");

 Jörn Clausen                    
 Universität Bielefeld

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