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Re: pkg/40383: pkgsrc-2008Q4: sysutils/cdrtools broken

On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 09:30:06AM +0000, Matthew Mondor wrote:
 > Hmm I kept my 2008Q4 tree yet updated cdrtools package to -current in
 > it, with the same problem.  I then also did the same with gmake, to no
 > avail.  I then checked the BUILDING file in the cdrtools source which
 > mentions a fix related to its build system expecting a variable to be
 > exported which gmake doesn't propagate, with a small hack (a Gmake
 >script setting the variable and invoking gmake).
 > I did try that fix and could build it using  Gmake all.  However I'm
 > not used to pkgsrc enough to be able to create a package properly doing
 > this.
 > So if -current builds, I'm not sure for who, but gmake appears to be
 > the same, and cdrtools didn't have a proper patch addressing this
 > issue, I think?

It built for me ok on a 4.0_STABLE machine a couple days ago, too. I
think it's time to try to figure out what's different between your
machine and everyone else's... :(

David A. Holland

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