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Re: pkg/39571 (emulators/qemu fails on Linux because of bad patches/patch-ag)

> Synopsis: emulators/qemu fails on Linux because of bad patches/patch-ag

> Patch for DragonFly broke build on Linux.
> What problem is fixed by the patch and is it still required on DragonFly?

It seems to me that reassigning this bug to DragonFly guys is yet another
way to forget about this bug.

I propose the following paradigm

    Upstream is correct unless it is _proved_ that it is not.

That is I propose to revert 'uname -m -> uname -p' change now.

I don't know exactly but I think under DragonFlyBSD
'uname -m' works just like it does under FreeBSD
and under FreeBSD/i386 it works just like qemu upstream expects.
'uname -m -> i386'

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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