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Re: pkg/39614 (misc/openoffice2 compilation error on NetBSD 3 (missing strerror_r()))

    Date:        Fri, 03 Oct 2008 18:32:49 +0900
    From:        Kouichirou Hiratsuka <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | I'm sorry, it's wrong.

No problem, it is easy to remove again...

  | The minimum acceptable version of seamonkey is too large in configure
  | of libxmlsec.  I've fixed it by patch-dy.

Oh.  Great, thanks for finding that, I would never have I don't think.
I was going to send another message and say that it must be a seamonkey vs
firefox issue, but I was waiting for the firefox build to complete first
(but it is way past where the seamonkey one gave up already).
The only change I made was s/seamonkey/firefox/ in the PKG_OPTIONS - I'm
doing a 3.0 based build, and it is all looking great so far (but it
probably has several hours to run yet.)

I haven't seen a commit for patch-dy yet - but I guess that might mean
you're doing a seamonkey test build, and waiting on it finishing.
If that's it, and it all works, please just close this PR (that has
now wandered away from the original problem anyway) - don't wait for
me to confirm it.   I will do a build of openoffice2 using seamonkey
(and NetBSD 3.0) once I have the updated pkgsrc, if I see any other
problem, I can always send a new PR.

Thanks for all your effort.


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