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Re: pkg/38794: bootstrap fails on IRIX

Bear in mind that this is bootstrapping to restore an erased bmake,
not on a pkgsrc-less system.

Having said this, it does look as if removing nbcompat* from
$PKGSRC/include did the trick... someone should probably check why
this is happening though, so that re-running bootstrap is possible if

I now have a greater problem: bootstrapping has completed, and I have
bmake installed again.  But for all of the packages which are now
marked as "not for deletion" I can't do anything with them!  Running
bmake with arguments "reinstall", "update", "replace", or "install"
all results in a "ERROR: <package> is already installed - perhaps an
older version".

Will this go away as updates to each package are released?

(I was trying to rebuild bmake from the installed system, in case
there is any difference between this and the bootstrapped version)

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