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Re: pkg/38703: net/nagios-plugins fails on Linux because bin/dig is not found

 >> What about separating bin/dig into a separate package and adding
 >> missed dependancy (net/nagios-plugins depends on net/dig)?

>  Probably should first fix package to install the plugins regardless
>  and add a MESSAGE about it.  There are several plugins that have
>  prerequisites not installed.
Ok. I'm not against this and think that fix is easy.

>  dig in separate package seems fine too. But that means we also want to 
>  install libbind9, libdns, liblwres, libisccfg, libisccc, and libisc. 
1) named
2) client utils like dig, nslookup etc.
3) librar{y,ies}

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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