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PR/38038 CVS commit: [pkgsrc-2008Q1] pkgsrc/net/liblive

The following reply was made to PR pkg/38038; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: "Tyler R. Retzlaff" <>
Subject: PR/38038 CVS commit: [pkgsrc-2008Q1] pkgsrc/net/liblive
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 13:53:20 +0000 (UTC)

 Module Name:   pkgsrc
 Committed By:  rtr
 Date:          Fri May 16 13:53:20 UTC 2008
 Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/net/liblive [pkgsrc-2008Q1]: Makefile PLIST distinfo
 Log Message:
 pullup ticket #2384 - requested by obache
 liblive: update package fixes & security vulnerabilities
 revisions pulled up:
 - pkgsrc/net/liblive/Makefile
 - pkgsrc/net/liblive/PLIST
 - pkgsrc/net/liblive/distinfo
    Module Name:        pkgsrc
    Committed By:       obache
    Date:               Sat Apr 26 11:38:43 UTC 2008
    Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/net/liblive: Makefile PLIST distinfo
    Log Message:
    Update liblive to 2008.04.09.
    draw upon a patch to update for 2007.01.17 in PR 38038
    While here, add DESTDIR support and fix permission of installed libraries.
    - Corrected a type-related bug in "RTPInterface::handleRead()".  (Thanks to 
Brain Lai for noting this.)
    - Fixed a bug in "RTSPClient" that would prevent RTCP "RR" reports from 
being sent to
    the correct multicast address when we are receiving a multicast stream. 
(Thanks to Changjin Liu for noticing this.)
    - Fixed a bug that was introduced in the "2007.12.27" release.  The 
"timeout" parameter to the call to
    "readSocket" in "SocketDescriptor::tcpReadHandler()" in "RTPInterface.cpp" 
needed to be initialized
    (to zero) first.  (Thanks to Lodewijk Loos for alerting us to this problem.)
    - Added a new config file "config.bfin-linux-uclibc", and renamed 
"config.bfin_uclinux" as "config.bfin-uclinux".
    (Thanks to Mike Frysinger.)
    - Added a hack (suggested by "Romain") to "MPEG2TransportStreamFramer" to 
    produce more accurate per-transport-packet duration estimates for wildly 
VBR streams.
    - Updated "MPEG2TransportStreamMultiplexor" to support the addition of 
MPEG-4 Audio or Video Elementary Streams.
    - Updated "RTSPOverHTTPServer.cpp" (a work in progress) so that it complies 
properly for some versions of
    Visual Studio on Windows.  (Thanks to Eric Flickner for noting this.)
    - Corrected the "getNormalPlayTime()" function - introduced in the previous 
release - to allow for 'trick play'
    scale factors other than 1.
    - Added a new member function
      float MediaSubsession::getNormalPlayTime()
    which - given a stream's current presentation time - returns the "Normal 
Play Time".
    This function is useful for RTSP streams.
    - Added support for a "a=control:" URL specified in the SDP description at 
the session level.
    - Changed the "RTSPClient" timeout - introduced in the previous release - 
    5s to 30s.
    - Added support for setting and returning the RTSP session start time (as 
well as the end time).
    (This eliminates the need for the "live-starttime.patch" file that VLC was 
    - Updated some of the system-specific configuration files, to eliminate the 
need for many of the patches that
    the VLC developers added to their code.
    - Added a 5s timeout to the "RTSPClient" code that checks for RTSP 
    This mirrors a change that was already being done to VLC's copy of the code.
    (This is still a short-term fix, until the "RTSPClient" code is rewritten to
    properly use asynchronous I/O, using the event loop.)
    - Added a timeout to the "readSocket()" call in 
"SocketDescriptor::tcpReadHandler()" in "RTPInterface.cpp",
    to handle reading RTP-over-TCP data.  This allows for the possibility of 
non-cooperative RTSP clients.
    (Thanks to Peter Leese for this suggestion.)  This is probably not a 
complete solution;
    more thought is needed...
    - Fixed "H2633plusVideoFileServerMediaSubsession" to properly use a dynamic 
RTP payload type, rather than the
    static type 34 (which is reserved for the now-obsolete old "video/H263" RTP 
payload format).
    - Updated "JPEGVideoRTPSource" to take optional 'default width' and 
'default height' parameters.
    These parameters can be set by fields in the SDP description, and can be 
used to specifiy unusually
    large frame widths and/or heights.  (Thanks to Andrey Filippov.)
    - Fixed a couple of memory leaks in "DarwinInjector".  (Thanks to Eyal 
Beit-Halachmi for noting these.)
    - Removed old 'backwards compatibility' stuff from "FramedSource".  (Noone 
should be relying upon this any more.)
    - Fixed a bounds-checking error in "parseRTSPRequestString()" caused by an 
int vs. unsigned problem.
    (Thanks to Luigi Auriemma for noting this.)
    - In "RTSPClient.cpp", fixed a couple of "unsigned" vs. "int" nits. (Thanks 
for Brain Lai for noting this.)
    - Several of the options to "openRTSP" have now been changed, with two new 
options added:
          -s <initial-seek-time>
          -z <scale>
    See the "openRTSP" documentation <> for 
    - Fixed a bug in the way that "MPEG4VideoStreamDiscreteFramer" parses 
'config' information (for inclusion in
    the stream's SDP description).  (Thanks to Nicola Bova for helping to 
identify this bug.)
    - Eliminated a potential memory (and socket) leak when allocating server 
RTP,RTCP socket pairs.
    (Thanks to David Pan for reporting this.)
    - Updated "ByteStreamFileSource" to treat a 0-byte file read the same as 
    - Ensure that we have reasonable OS buffering for writes on non-blocking 
    - Removed a debugging printf() that had been left in by mistake.  (Thanks 
to Massimo Zito for noticing this.)
    - Updated the "RTSPServer" implementation to work better on systems with 
more than one IP address.
    The server will now include - in its RTSP responses - the IP address on 
which the corresponding incoming request
    was received.
    - Added some sanity checks to various "MediaSink" subclasses, in case 
"fSource" is NULL.
    (Thanks to Andrey Kaminsky for noting one of these.)
    - Made sure that "MPEG2TransportStreamFramer"s estimate of the average 
duration of each Transport Packet
    gets updated correctly after each 'seek' operation.  (Thanks to Massimo 
Zito for suggesting this.)
    - Fixed a bug in "MPEG2TransportStreamFromESSource" that was causing 
    timestamps to not be generated correctly.  (Thanks to Massimo Zito for 
noticing this.)
    - Fixed a bug in "RTSPServer" and "RTSPClient" that would cause problems 
when streaming
    files whose names have spaces in them.
    - Fixed a bug in "OnDemandServerMediaSubsession::deleteStream".  (Thanks to 
Igor Bukanov.)
    - Make the sockets for "RTPSource", "RTCPInstance" and "BasicUDPSource" 
non-blocking, even though they will be read
    from only asynchronously, when packets arrive.  The reason for this is 
that, in some OSs, reads on a blocking
    socket can (allegedly) sometimes block, even if the socket was previously 
reported (e.g., by "select()") as
    having data available.  (This can supposedly happen if the UDP checksum 
fails, for example.)
    (Thanks to Marc Neuberger for pointing this out.)
    - Fixed a bug in "MPEG2TransportFileServerMediaSubsession.cpp" that was 
causing 2x
    fast-forward to fail.  (Some debugging code had been left in by mistake.)
    - Modified "setupDatagramSocket()" to better handle setting 
"ReceivingInterfaceAddr" when creating a socket
    to be used to send/receive multicast.
    - Made a couple of minor changes to overcome some compilation errors that 
some people were apparently seeing.
    - The RTSP server now includes the "source=" parameter in the response to a 
RTSP "SETUP" command.
    This works around a bug in QuickTime Player that would cause it to not send 
RTCP "RR" packets
    (when playing a unicast stream, and running on Mac OS X).  (Thanks to Dave 
Singer et al at Apple for tracking
    down this problem.)
    - The RTSP server implementation no longer terminates the session if it 
returns 400 or 405 errors.
    - Fixed a problem in the new "RTSPOverHTTPServer" code that was causing 
some people compilation problems.
    - Fixed a typo in "testOnDemandRTSPServer.cpp".  (Thanks to Nils Grundback 
for noticing this.)
    - Modified the signature of "RTSPServer::specialClientAccessCheck()" 
(defined in the previous revision) to add
    a new "clientAddr" parameter (a "struct sockaddr_in"), to allow special 
access checking based on clients' IP
    - Make sure that the locale is set to "POSIX" when calling "toupper()" or 
"tolower()" on human-supplied strings.
    (Thanks to Ismail Doenmez for noting this.)
    - Modified "MPEG2TransportStreamMultiplexor" to set the 
"discontinuity_indicator" flag for the first
    "adaptation_field" in the output Transport Stream.
    - Changed "AMRAudioRTPSource" to more accurately report whether/when an 
interleaved frame's timestamp has
    been synchronized using RTCP.
    (Thanks to David Bertrand for this patch.)
    - Made to a small fix to the previous revision's support for multicast 
streaming of raw UDP (nonstandard)
    - Added a virtual function to "OnDemandServerMediaSubsession" for closing 
the stream source.
    Subclasses can redefine this, if they wish, to do something smarter. 
(Thanks to Igor Bukanov for this patch.)
    - Added support to "RTSPServer" for optionally performing special 
per-client access control, beyond the
    standard Digest Authentication method.  (Thanks to Igor Bukanov for this 
    - Made a minor optimization to "Groupsock.cpp".  (Thanks to Maxim Petrov 
for this suggestion.)
    - Added an initial implementation of RTSP-over-HTTP at the server level (it 
was already supported at the client level).
    (Note: This code has not yet been completed, and doesn yet work, so don't 
try to use it.)
    - Updated "RTSPServer" to support multicast streaming of raw UDP streams 
    (Thanks to Aesmund Grammeltvedt for this modification.)
    - Made "RTSPClient" a little more robust in case the TCP connection fails.
    - Made "RTPSink::rtpmapLine()" virtual (as requested by Andrew Voznytsa).
    - Removed an archaic (no longer used) declaration in 
    - Added an optional "allowKasennaProtocol" parameter to 
    (similar to "RTSPClient::describeURL()").  (Thanks to Igor Bukanov for this 
       - Fixed a bug that would cause the "MPEG2TransportStreamIndexer" 
application to fail when run on a big-endian
    - Added a new cl "H264VideoFileSink", that prepends each incoming H.264 NAL 
unit with the prefix 0x000001,
    before writing it to the file.  Also updated the "openRTSP" code to use 
this, when receiving H.264/RTP streams.
    (Thanks to Chris Kuiper for contributing this.)
    - Added a temporary #ifdef to "GroupsockHelper.cpp" to work around a 
compliation problem when building
    for Cygwin.
    - Improved the "MPEG2IndexFromTransportStream" class to recogize Transport 
    PAT and PMT (tables).  This in turn makes the "MPEG2TransportStreamIndexer"
    utility more robust.
    - Fixed a minor bug in "MPEG2TransportStreamFromESSource".
    - Added RTSP server support for 'trick play' operations on MPEG-2 Transport 
    files.  This requires the presence of a ".tsx" indexle for each ".ts" file.
    (This functionality will shortly be documented on the LIVE555 web site,
    and announced on the "live-devel" mailing list.)
    - Improved the performance of asynchronous file reading in 
    (Thanks to Aesmund Grammeltvedt for this suggestion.)
    - Added "-D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64" to the "COMPILE_OPTS" line for each of the 
Linux config files, in order to
    alleviate possible problems with I/O on large files.
    - We now implement "ByteStreamFileSource" on Windows using synchronous file 
    by default.  I had thought that Windows XP had fixed the problem - present 
    earlier versions of Windows - whereby open files are not treated as 
    sockets.  But apparently the problem is still there.
    - Added code that will - probably in the next release, very soon - support 
    'trick mode' operations on MPEG-2 Transport Stream files.  At present, we 
have two
    new applications - in the "testProgs" directory - that help support this:
    "MPEG2TransportStreamIndexer"  create a special index file for a Transport 
    file), and "testMPEG2TransportStreamTrickPlay" (to generate a new Transport 
    file that simulates a 'trick play' operation performed on the original 
    Stream file).  See my forthcoming post to the "live-devel" mailing list for 
    - Fixed a bug in the Base64 encoding routine.  (Thanks to Sebastian Gracias 
for reporting this.)
    - Made sure that each TCP socket used by a "RTSPserver" is non-blocking, so 
that a slow or hanging client
    cannot hang a server.  (Thanks to "jers (at)" for this 
 To generate a diff of this commit:
 cvs rdiff -r1.14 -r1.14.12.1 pkgsrc/net/liblive/Makefile
 cvs rdiff -r1.3 -r1.3.12.1 pkgsrc/net/liblive/PLIST
 cvs rdiff -r1.5 -r1.5.12.1 pkgsrc/net/liblive/distinfo
 Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
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