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Re: pkg/38347 (ejabberd doesn't start after reboot)

On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 7:46 AM, Martti Kuparinen
<> wrote:
> Could please give some motivation for
>  @EJABBERD_VARDIR@/spool/ejabberd/db/$NODE
>  instead of current @EJABBERD_VARDIR@/run/ejabberd (provided I fix the
> startup script to create the missing directory). And what's that $NODE thing
> there?

Because /var/spool/ejabberd/db/$NODE has already couple of ejabberd
databases, so
there will be no reason to create additional directories. And $NODE is something
like virtualhost in apache, you can use one serwer to serve couple of
It is used already in  patch-ae to define EJABBERD_DB.

>  Just FYI but I'm also going to upgrade erlang as it doesn't work correcly
> on amd64 (but I just saw you have i386 so I don't know if you are also
> affected or not).

Maybe that will fix that:

**************** WARNING ! ********************
ejabberd will be compiled with Erlang R12.
This version of Erlang is not supported
and not recommended for production servers
It has something with erlang ssl. I'm not using ssl, so I don't have
problems now.


Daniel Horecki

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