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Re: pkg/38302: Mplayer doesn't play copy-protected DVDs

Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
> Yeah, because it is the same situation that makes it illegal to obtain
> the mplayer sources in many countries *shrug*. I think it is far
> easier to extract the relevant change, which would help all the other
> programs using libdvdread as well. A larger part of the idff is
> non-functional anyway...
>  Do you have a good example of an affected DVD?

I have one, but this is region 2/5 (yeah, it's called Estern Europe ;) 
DVD, so I'm not sure. Now, if I looked at it closer, it might not be 
libdvdread at all - if using libdvdread, internal libdvdcss is used as 
well by mplayer, so it might be something in there. Or even my mistake - 
I didn't realize that libdvdcss will differ as well while using internal 
libdvdread and my libdvdcss is quite old.

Yeah, this whole issue is a mess anyway - binary packages are useless 
anyway for playing encrypted/copy-protected DVD's due to lack of 


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