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Re: pkg/38055 (gated startup rc-file broken - filesystem not mounted at this time)

Hi again,

Sorry, but his approach does not work!
gated failed to start during boot process.

With this fix gated is found and the rc-file will try to start it, but it fails.
It looks like, that gated requires syslogd to be started first.
I've already figured this out some time ago (on our NetBSD 3.1 setup), but I've tested your suggested fix first.

I'm not 100% shure what exactly goes wrong in the startup of gated, because gated will start later, even if syslogd has been shutdown again. I've not the time up to now to do further analyses.

I think this problem-report should be reopend again, because the suggested fix does not solve the problem. Either some patches needs to be added to gated, so that it will start prior syslogd during boot, or syslogd needs to be started prio gated - as I wrote in the report.

In any case, starting gated before syslogd will loose all startup messages (including problems during initialisation of gated).

W. Stukenbrock wrote:

Synopsis: gated startup rc-file broken - filesystem not mounted at this time

State-Changed-From-To: open->closed
State-Changed-When: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 22:09:55 +0000
"gated" must be started before networking because all services started after
"NETWORKING" assume that routing works.

The correct fix for your system is to add "critical_filesystems_local=/usr"
to "/etc/rc.conf".

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