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Re: pkg/37128 (imake packages fails to build on Linux, X11_TYPE=modular)


>  This is a specific local issue of the nsd package.

This is not local issue, this is a problem of xorg-cf-files (or nas
itself - doesn't matter) which doesn't allow me to build many packages
under Linux.

> It uses special required lines on Linux that are not correct.
I know exactly that this patch works for me.
If you know better solution, implement it.
If you don't, please talk to xorg or nas upstream maintainers.

Pkgsrc users talk to package maintainers, package maintainers talk
to upstream develpers. This is how it works.

Until "real" solution is found I think my patch can be applied.
You may saw my bulk results. Everything worked fine.

Anyway I'm not imake/xmkmf expert, I never used it before and will not
use it in the nearest future. You know a better way? - it's fine.

>  Note that e.g. auconvert is linked correctly.
Anyway this bug should reopened until you or somebody else find a
better soltion or apply patch I suggested until then. In any case this
is not "local issue".

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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