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Re: pkg/37539 (more modules for pkgtools/pbulk)

 >>  A bit more explanations. I use pbulk even if I want to build one
 >>  partucular package (to test some patches, for example). This is why
 >>  want to switch off generating of pkg-summary.gz. When I generate it, I
 >>  prefer to use use different, much more efficient, algorithm.
>  The option to disable checksumming is included.
>  I don't want to include an option for pkg-summary as I don't see the
>  need for that. It will create more problems in the future when tools
>  like pkg_add will depend on it. It is also not that slow. For a full set
>  of binaries, the generations needs around 3min of time when reading the
>  packages from disk,  40s of that is actual computation time. Compared to
>  the build time of even the simple packages, this doesn't fall into the
>  weight.

Joerg, this is YOUR future. I already explained you my needs several
times.  I don't work with future versions of pkg_add. I work RIGHT NOW
with pkg_add that exists NOW and I manage pkg_summary files in a way I
need. Your pbulk just doesn't allow me to do what I want - managing
multiple binary repositories (like Debian's apt does).  The way pbulk
builds summary file is the extra undeed mega-intellect.  I don't need
it. My own tool that I use NOW is better than your FUTURE pkg_add just
because it exists NOW. Do you still don't see needs for things I ask

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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