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Re: pkg/37200 (devel/glib2 fails on Solaris 5.9 due to compiler flags in

Bernd Ernesti <> writes:

>  > Committed a fix for which resolves the problem for Solaris 8/9
>  As you mentioned in the commit log, this is a fix for SunPro 11/12, but the
>  change does NOT reflect this.
>  It should depend on the SunPro version because it works without a problem
>  with an older version, as I allready said in the pr history.

According to the statements SUN made in the manpage the problem is not
the SunPro compiler but the non-c99 conforming header files in
/usr/include. So I doubt there will be any Sun Pro compiler which is
able to compile c99 compliant code if the header files are broken. So I
think this is more a Solaris 8/9 problem than a Sun Pro compiler problem.

I haven't checked the gcc settings, however I doubt that this compiler
deals with the header files in a better way.

I dont't think that we should work around the problem in endless
conditional loops. Check the version of SunPro, then check the OS
version, etc. Unless someone is able to prove that an earlier Sun Pro on
Solaris 8/9 has been broken by this change I would like to leave it as
it is.

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