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Re: pkg/36563 (Cannot bootstrap pkgsrc on AIX 5.3 (circular dependency w/ patch and digest))

The following reply was made to PR pkg/36563; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Roland Illig <>
Subject: Re: pkg/36563 (Cannot bootstrap pkgsrc on AIX 5.3 (circular dependency
 w/ patch and digest))
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 10:10:45 +0200

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 Louis Guillaume wrote:
 >  This is with pkgsrc-2007Q1.
 Please try the appended pkgsrc/mk/patch/ file.
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 # $NetBSD:,v 1.4 2007/05/25 14:21:32 rillig Exp $
 # This Makefile fragment is included separately by and
 # defines some variables which must be defined earlier than where
 # is included.
 # The following variables may be set in a package Makefile:
 #    PATCHFILES is a list of distribution patches relative to
 #      ${_DISTDIR} that are applied first to the package.
 #    PATCHDIR is the location of the pkgsrc patches for the package.
 #      This defaults to the "patches" subdirectory of the package
 #      directory.
 # The following variables may be set by the user:
 #    LOCALPATCHES is the location of local patches that are maintained
 #      in a directory tree reflecting the same hierarchy as the pkgsrc
 #      tree, e.g., local patches for www/apache would be found in
 #      ${LOCALPATCHES}/www/apache.  These patches are applied after
 #      the patches in ${PATCHDIR}.
 # The default PATCHDIR is currently set in
 #PATCHDIR?=    ${.CURDIR}/patches
 # Just testing whether the directories exist or not is not enough.
 # There may be directories that are empty except for the CVS metafiles.
 _ALL_PATCHES=  # none
 .if defined(PATCHFILES) && !empty(PATCHFILES:M*)
 USE_TOOLS+=    digest:bootstrap
 .if defined(PATCHDIR) && exists(${PATCHDIR})
 _ALL_PATCHES+= ${:!echo ${PATCHDIR}/patch-*!:N*/CVS:N*/patch-\*}
 USE_TOOLS+=    digest:bootstrap
 .if defined(LOCALPATCHES) && exists(${LOCALPATCHES})
 .if !empty(_ALL_PATCHES:M*)
 USE_TOOLS+=    patch
 # These tools are used to output the contents of the distribution patches
 # to stdout.
 .if defined(PATCHFILES)
 USE_TOOLS+=    cat
 .  if !empty(PATCHFILES:M*.Z) || !empty(PATCHFILES:M*.gz)
 USE_TOOLS+=    gzcat
 .  endif
 .  if !empty(PATCHFILES:M*.bz2)
 USE_TOOLS+=    bzcat
 .  endif

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