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Re: pkg/36474: www/raggle does not show feed content

Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:

>  Are you sure it actually picks up libiconv? Depending on what it is
>  doing, simply dropping the translit might be enough as well.

It looks like raggle has a way to switch transliteration off although it
is the default mode. After a look at the script (without any knowledge
of Ruby :-) I created $HOME/.raggle/config.rb like this

  $config = {
    'use_iconv_translit'    => false

After invalidating (press "I") and forcing an update (press "U") raggle
downloads feeds and displays them.

Should we change the default for "use_iconv_translit" for all platforms
with a patch? I do not know what could happen if we do. The comment in
raggle says:

  # It's probably a good idea to leave transliteration enabled.  It will
  # prevent iconv from barfing on characters it can't translate, and,
  # since Ncurses-Ruby doesn't have wide character support, it will keep
  # Ncurses from printing garbage all over the screen.


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