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MacOS-10.2.3 [ aka Darwin-7.2.0 ? ] vs. buildlink3

I'm trying to build net/ethereal.  There seem to
be problems with buildlink3 that I end up fixing
by adding lines like

    set -- $ldflags
    for i in "$@" ; do
            case "$i" in
            -lg*-2) i="$i".0 ;;
            x="$x $i"

towards the end of the work/.buildlink/bin/gcc scripts to
get glib2 to compile.  This fixes errors like

    ld: can't locate file for: -lglib-2

generated by the command lines whacked around by the sed xforms.

I had to do s/t similar for pango, too, so the linker saw
-lpango-1.0 instead of -lpango-1.

Does this merit a(nother) PR for pkgsrc & Darwin?
Or is this related to the troubles in pkg/24352
and so a known problem?


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