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Re: How to mount a PCMCIA hard drive

I have an old Latitude CP of ~2000 vintage with 2 cardbus slots.
wi(4) works.  Unfortunately other PCMCIA network card drivers seems to
have bitrotted indeed.  Neither mhzc(4), nor ne(4) work.  Something
changed at the interface/ether level, I guess.

>From my notes, I also experienced issues with PCMCIA and CF cards in both NetBSD 9.3 and 10 i386. This was my attempt to upgrade a 1998 Toshiba laptop from NetBSD 5.1 to 10. In the end, I had to use a USB storage stick. I'll have to dig out my old laptop to get you a better dmesg, but this was at least one of the errors: wdc2:0:0: lost interupt

The same PCMCIA + CF card works fine on NetBSD 5.1.


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