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Re: strange issues with building ArcticFox - full rebuilds everytime

On Fri, 7 Jun 2024, Riccardo Mottola wrote:

I actually executed in an xterm, interrupted after a couple of minutes and checked the scrollback - configure is rerun.

This does not happen on linux or FreeBSD.

OK. I have the cause and a workaround. You can do a proper fix based on it:

It's the NetBSD shell, /bin/sh (and also /bin/ksh). On NetBSD's /bin/sh:


change every time you do a `set' and so these will be different for every
run of `mach build'. This is enough to cause a full rebuild. NetBSD's
/bin/ksh has RANDOM and SECONDS.

FreeBSD's /bin/sh has none of these. The same with dash(1) on Linux. bash(1)
has LINENO RANDOM & SECONDS, but, it _doesn't_ expose it in a `set'. You
have to ask for it explicitly--echo $SECONDS, etc--so `mach build' works
correctly with bash too.

Setting SHELL=/usr/pkg/bin/dash and CONFIG_SHELL=/usr/pkg/bin/dash doesn't
seem to help at all, so the workaround is this:

pkgin -y in dash
cp /usr/pkg/bin/dash ~/bin/sh
env PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH ./mach build

That causes dash(1) to be used always and everything seems to work without
a full rebuild.



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