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Add compatible laptops to the wiki


I would like to know if it is possible to add laptops to the list on the wiki ( I have several laptops that are relatively compatible with NetBSD 10.0, and it would be nice to have a slightly refreshed list for x64.

Here is the hw-probe link for the test I did on Dell Precision 7520 i7-7920HQ a few months ago, among others.

Ethernet, Wifi, Display, Sound... All basic functionalities are OK on these laptops (the 7720 i7-7820HQ and i7-7920HQ are good too).
As always, disable "Switchable Graphics" in UEFI/BIOS beforehand...

I have plenty of other laptops that run well, for which I will publish the tests on bsdhardware if needed.
I regularly test quite a lot of hardware.

Best regards,

Théophile Dudreuilh
(majekla on UnitedBSD)

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